The C-17 is the main aircraft used to transport people, supplies, and equipment to Antarctica. Made by Boeing, the C-17 is typically used as a military aircraft, and the plane is piloted and staffed by US armed servicemen

The C-130 Hercules is a four engine turboprop military transport plane produced by Lockheed Martin. It has been used to transport passengers and cargo to, from, and within Antarctica since 1959.

The Airbus A-319 is one of the more unusual transport craft you will see in Antarctica (if you are lucky).

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The AS 350 is a single-turbine helicopter (helo) with a three-bladed rotor capable of carrying a combination of 5 passengers and cargo weighing up to 453kg.

A Hägglund is an all-terrain heavy duty vehicle first manufactured in Sweden in 1922. Hägglunds are used in Antarctica to transport people and cargo over snow and ice in the field, and are also used at modern Antarctic bases.

Land travel in Antarctica is not a simple process. There are no highways or proper roads, and conditions are generally treacherous with extensive snow and ice cover. One of the most common land transport methods used in Antarctica is the snow-mobile.

Hiking through the valleys was necessary to see the landscape up close, and to get to sampling sites