Center Personnel

Director Prof. Craig Cary

Craig Cary is a Professor at the University of Waikato, studying microbial diversity. Professor Cary is one of several Principle Investigators and Field Event Leaders on the nzTABS project.

Associate Director Dr. Charles Lee

Based at the University of Waikato, Charlie researches the microbial ecology of the Antarctic Dry Valleys.  Dr. Lee is involved with planning and executing ICTAR’s Antarctic field seasons, while working on his own research program.

International Director Prof. Allan Green

One of the head Principle Investigators in the Project, Allan Green is a New Zealand Professor often based in Spain. His interests focus on photosynthesis in lichens from all over the world, and has included sending Antarctic lichens into space.

Associate Personnel

Byron Adams

Research Fellow

School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol

Stephen Archer

Research Fellow

Auckland University of Technology. Email:

Dr Megan Balks

Adjunct Senior Fellow

School of Science, University of Waikato

Professor Jeb Barrett

Professor of Biological Sciences

Virginia Tech

Professor Mike Bentley

I’m a geomorphologist, a scientist who studies how the landscape gets formed, and have worked in the Dry Valleys.

Dr. Lars Brabyn

Senior Lecturer

University of Waikato

Dr. Tancredi Caruso

School of Biological Sciences, Queens University Belfast

Professor Don Cowan

Emeritus Professor Roberta Farrell

Professor Ian Hawes

University of Waikato

Professor David Hopkins

Dr. Kurt Joy

University of Canterbury

Gateway Antarctica

Dr. Marwan Katurji

Department of Geography, University of Canterbury

Professor Ian McDonald

Originally from the U.K, Ian works at the University of Waikato studying the micro-organisms of the Dry Valleys

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Waikato

Professor Steve Pointing

Director of Division of Science, Yale-NUS in Singapore.

Eric Sokol

Studying Quantitative Ecology via metacommunities at NEON

Professor Diana Wall

Distinguished Professor

Department of Biology, Colorado State University.

Associate Professor Peyman Zawar-Reza

University of Canterbury